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What Sets Us Apart

Being injured in an accident is extremely stressful. Most individuals find that dealing with the insurance adjusters, coordinating insurance coverage issues, choosing appropriate medical providers, and worrying about car repairs or replacement all greatly exacerbate an already stressful situation. Read More

Health Insurance Repayment in Accident Injury Insurance Claims

If you receive medical treatment for injuries sustained in a car or truck accident, you might be surprised to get a letter and questionnaire from The Law Office of Eugene Seidel, Seidel Subrogation Associates, Ingenix, Healthcare Recoveries, The Phia Group, or another entity, claiming to be the “subrogation” agent of CareFirst, United Healthcare, Coventry, Priority […] Read More

Fair Insurance Settlements for Totaled Vehicles

Attempting to achieve a fair settlement with an insurance adjuster for a totaled car or truck is often a frustrating process.  Many people quickly find out that adjusters are often not concerned about handling claims fairly, but instead are trained to pay out as little as possible. Please click here to read the Metropolitan magazine’s […] Read More

Car Insurance Buying Tips

I wish everyone knew what my 20+ years of law and insurance claims experience has taught me: that most people do not understand their car insurance coverages, and often err on the side of saving a relatively few dollars rather than adequately protecting themselves, their family, and their passengers. Please click here to read the […] Read More